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  • Can AI Rescue Modern Medicine From Itself?
    Labor unions have been around since the mid-19th century, and they’ve helped many a teacher, government employee, electrical worker, and others gain fairer pay or better working conditions. Unions give workers a chance to dictate their own terms and present a united front, ideally leaving everyone better off (though parents whose kids can’t go to […]
  • Why Designing Our Own Biology Will Be the Next Big Thing in Medicine
    It’s hard to watch a loved one get sick. Their eyes go glassy. Their breathing is punctuated by body-wracking coughs. Feverish and aching, they struggle to get out of bed. Hard as these symptoms are to witness, they’re so familiar you don’t need a medical degree to know it’s probably a bad cold and maybe […]
  • This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through November 9)
    ROBOTICS It’s That Time of Year Again—Fall Is Here and Packs of Robot Dogs Are Frolicking in the Leaves James Vincent | The Verge “There’s nothing I like more on bright and cold autumnal days than heading down to the park and watching the robot dogs playing in piles of leaves. To hear the scuttle […]

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  • Image: Hubble touts a team of stars
    Within a galaxy hosting around 300 billion stars, here the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured a mere handful or two—just about enough to form a single football team. These stellar "teammates" play under the banner of NGC 1333, the cloud of gas and dust that formed them and that they continue to call home.
  • Expedition to Peru captures climate history trapped in ice—before it is gone
    From the summit of Huascarán, the highest mountain in Earth's tropics, the valleys of the western Andes look placid and peaceful—calming, even. The signs of climate change—of the melting glaciers throughout the Andes, of the changes to the local villages' water supplies—are not immediately evident.
  • Wasps as an effective pest control for agriculture
    Common wasp species could be valuable at sustainably managing crop pests, finds a new UCL-led experimental study in Brazil.

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  • Resource-efficient soft exoskeleton for people with walking impediments
    A lot of people have lower limb mobility impairments, but there are few wearable technologies to enable them to walk normally while performing tasks of daily living. XoSoft, a European funded project, has brought together partners from all over Europe to develop a flexible, lightweight and resource-efficient soft exoskeleton prototype.


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  • SeaDrone Inc. Introduces Inspector 2.0
    Bay area based robotics startup, SeaDrone Inc., announces the launch of Inspector 2.0, the latest innovation in underwater robotics. Inspector 1.0 was launched at TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 and was the first sub-6 kg underwater vehicle capable of tackling 1.5 knot ocean currents using its omnidirectional drag design and high thruster to weight ratio. Since the […]


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  • Drivers Wanted
    Self-driving trucks are an experiment, and we’re the guinea pigs.